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Our current health education system is failing.

STI rates are rising, sexuality is changing, mental healthcare is evolving. our health education system is stuck in the 1980s & "the talk" has never been more difficult. parents, students, & organizations aren't being given the tools they need to distribute vital health information.

we're changing that.

IDEA is bringing health education into the 21st century.

we're creating interactive, comprehensive health education modules that are inclusive of all identities & medically accurate for parents, students, and organizations.

How does it work?

your student logs on, chooses a topic (consent, STI prevention, human anatomy, etc.), takes a pre-test, watches a 10-12 minute video, and takes a post-test.
on your end, you can watch a companion video on the same topic to help with discussion and check your student’s progress.

This format allows us to make health education:


Anticipating the future by educating in the present.

That's an IDEA education.

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